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We could ramble on for days about our certifications and expertise, but find that our clients say it best.

A letter from one client to another!


Friday I attended a networking event featuring Dan Kennedy, the marketing guru.  Dan imparted much wisdom, but one thing he said that was gripping was that most businesses don’t do anything to make the first time experience special or memorable and as a result, the customer is not predisposed to refer that business, no matter how good the service that was rendered.  He suggested that instead, businesses should do something novel, above and beyond, something unexpected, so that the customer feels special and can’t wait to share the experience.


I immediately thought of David and the experience I had with PC Pros that day.  Talk about a pleasant experience.  I’m still amazed at the level of professionalism, and quality of service, so above and beyond I’m still in awe.  He won me over before I left his shop.  He immediately took my computer apart and began cleaning it, educating me along the way.  His knowledge and skill level was immediately apparent.  He instilled trust and I was at peace leaving the lifeline to my business with him.  Well, David took it apart, cleaned it, installed a firewall, fixed 400+ registry errors I had, removed some malware and also determined that my laptop was not dying on me after all.  That alone would have been more than I could have hoped for.  In addition to those fixes, he spent 1 hour with me later that day helping me delete unnecessary programs that were running, and hogging power, and now my computer operates like it did when I first got it.  That was novel, above and beyond the services I had engaged and so unexpected. My programs load so quickly it’s scary.  Plus, he took the time to educate me and give me tips that will make my computer experience enjoyable.


I don’t have the words to adequately describe the level and quality of service that David provides.  He is thorough, skilled, professional, caring and it’s clear that he loves what he does.  I did not feel like a transaction with him.  I will go out of my way to refer him because the experience was that unexpected and pleasant.  My computer is operating at 100% efficiency, thanks to David. Anyone needing his services should not hesitate to utilize his services.


–Connie Judge


“David actually wowed me with his knowledge and customer service. It took one call and he was inside my computer fixing all the issues, and at the same time educating me. He also followed up for several days to be sure that all my issues were fixed. All it took was one call and now I have a direct link to computer assistance any time I need it. It doesn’t get any better! Anytime, anyone, anywhere needs assistance with their PC he is the one to call!”

— Jane Keating

“To only say that David is an exceptional IT professional is to tell less than the truth. David is instrumental to our success at ImagineDesign – having built our entire network, helping us maintain it and fixing each and every glitch that comes along immediately and without guesswork. It’s to professionals like David that I attribute the success of our business, and I recommend that everyone do their business the same favor.” March 29, 2011

–Patrick King, Imagine Design

I used the remote services provided by AMF PC Pros to remove a lot of malicious stuff from my computer. When I contacted the company, I was barely able to use my computer at all, as the malware had taken over much of the functioning of my computer. I had no way to get the computer to a local service, so it was a relief to find someone who could access remotely. The method used makes a log of every step of the transaction, very transparent, so I felt completely secure. The programs used to remove the threats from my computer were much better at it than the freeware I was using already, even though I thought I had the best freeware out there. The pro who took care of my computer was efficient, professional and judging by how quickly he found his way to each of the problems and how simply he was able to explain the problems to me, he knew his job very well. By the time he was finished, my computer was running like new and I felt sure there was no trace left of the invasion. I also knew a little more about keeping my computer safer. I’ve already recommended this company strongly to my best friend locally and I highly recommend you use it too. AMF PC Pros is a vital weapon in your arsenal in the war against computer viruses!

–Lisa Poet

“When I contacted AMF PC Pros about my daughters laptop, I had given up hope of it ever working again, it was in a very bad way!  AMF PC Pros were very quick, efficient, and worked through the issues until they were resolved in a professional and patient manner.  Althought it wasnt a quick job to resolve, they were very thorough and also followed up to ensure if was working and I was happy with it the following week.  I would and have been reccommending them, as their level of service provided is in my opinion unfaultable.  A huge thank you to the team there.”

— Eve Le-Fay BA (Hons)

“Got my computer recently fixed, was the absolute best tech experience I have ever had. The guy connected directly with my computer, got on a voice chat with me, and explained what he was doing, as he was doing it, and I gotta say, he was very down to earth and so very easy to understand. ‘AND’ didn’t get impatient with me… not understanding something. He took ALL the guess work out of fixing my issues, and did it quickly. What more could you ask of them? Hands down, I’m beyond impressed, and that’s not easily done. If you have any computer issues at all, you really need to try this company out at least once, you’ll be just as impressed as I was. They really know what they are doing, and perform professionally. Thanks again Dave!!”

— John Powell

“David did a wonderful job helping me with a computer system and it’s integration with our company processes!”

— Rob Garland

“A big shout out to David at AMF PC PROS for cleaning up my computer! Had more viruses than an ER in Jan. Thanks a bunch.”

Jennifer Gossage Strain

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